Free Cloud

by Perfect Stranger

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Here’s a 3rd Perfect Stranger album and a 7th overall for the man behind the stranger- Yuli Fershtat.
Free Cloud is the best trance album of 2008 for me. Free Cloud is a trance revival- it’s fresh, it’s groovy, it’s psychedelic, it’s hypnotic and constantly interesting. It also sounds so fucking good!
Perfect Stranger delivers a blend of beats and sounds that cross genres. In his lab the mad scientist amalgamated and fused the worlds of techno, trance, house and electro and then cooked them in thick emotional psychedelic gravy- gravy for the brain.
This album also made me realize finally what it is that is so special in Yuli’s music, and why I always like it- Yuli creates rhythms that talk. It was always there, but here it is maximized. Just listen to them, they talk a different language in every track, they chant, they babble, they whisper and they giggle, but they always have something to say.
This is also so much of an album, because it feels like everything is connected and like there’s a real intent behind it all- it’s clear it was made as an album and it’s fun to listen to as an album- from start to finish, it just flows. Good word also to the more then fitting clean cover.
I really like it all here, but I’ll just give a special mention to the emotion dripping Clear Vision ’07, where Yuli is having a dialogue with himself over a time gap of 8 years; The simple, yet horribly dancefloor effective Simple Cells. Yuli sells and we’re buying; The epic get-the-fuck-outta-my-way-I-need-to-dance-now Easy; Free Cloud- the dancefloor scream generator; and finally the airy-wavy W.

Recomendation: Best album ever from Mr. Fershtat- The strangest perfect. A pure psychedelic trance experience. If you don’t own this you’re doing yourself a big wrong.

Favorite tracks:The whole thing, really.

Review by Shahar Bar Itzhak


released October 17, 2008

Mastered by Ido Ophir



all rights reserved


Perfect Stranger Israel

A generic label would not do justice to the depth of Perfect Stranger's heartfelt music, which transposes feelings from across the wide range of human emotions. His "hybrid sound", actually enables to maintain that oldschool Goa spirit, in a totally new and exciting presentation and composition, which makes it the ultimate brain candy out there at the moment. ... more

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